Tuesday, August 6, 2013

China Sisters Reunion 2013

Sydney, Grace, and Jenna--sisters from the start!
As our last official trip of the summer we traveled down the road a couple of hours to Bastrop to our annual China Sisters Reunion.  Each year we meet with the families that we traveled with when we brought Grace home (the Apgars and the Solbergs), along with the families that traveled when the Apgars brought home their oldest daughter, Abby. Thank goodness for Deb Apgar.  Each year she plans and schemes and gets us great rates at lovely locations so our families can stay connected.

All the "Little" China Sisters
All the brothers and sisters at our reunion all together!

So we stayed at this amazing resort that you never have to leave because it has absolutely everything you need to eat, drink, and keep your children happy for the whole weekend.  Like longhorn cattle.  And electric bull riding.  And a giant lazy river swimming pool with a beach and a water slide.  And so many wonderful, wonderful friends.  Just look at that smile on Haven's face below as he slides with his buddy Sean.  Could their be anything better than that!  Can't wait for next year!!!

Ride'em cowboy!
Daddy, get me off this thing!!!
There are no long horns in Congo.
Balloons everywhere.  Yes, that's JoJo and Haven with balloon swords.
Those sweet besties in line to ride the bull.  Grace looks a little nervous.
My brave girl.

Look at here go!!!
And she's down.  But no tears :)
Haven is a real cowboy!
Or maybe rodeo clown.
JoJo said no way before they ever turned it on!
One weekend a year Haven gets a wonderful set of big brothers named Sean and Jack!  Look at those smiles.
My China Princess!

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