Monday, January 6, 2014

Give One Save One--The Gyorffy Family

About 3 years ago at this time we were impatiently waiting for our time to travel and bring home Manny and JoJo.  At about that same time the Gyorffy Family was waiting to bring home little Theo.  He was a sweet smiling Congolese boy.  Back then there were still just a handful of families bringing children home from Congo so we followed each families journey closely.  Brian actually spent some time with Raegan and Theo while they waited for their paperwork to be completed in Kinshasa.  He spoke often about what a lovely person she was and how adorable Theo was, too. I looked forward to meeting them the following summer at the annual OFA family reunion and giving him a squeeze in person.

But shortly after Theo came to the US he was diagnosed with leukemia.  After millions of prayers, tears, and medical procedures he moved on from the struggles of this life and on to his sweet spot in Heaven. What a relief for his tiny body, but what a loss for his family and all who had fallen in love with his pictures.  Grace and I prayed every night for Theo to be healed.  When I told Grace he had died her sweet childlike reply was "It's OK Mama, he's in Heaven with Ruthie (our family dog) now.  She'll keep him company!"

I don't know how you recover from the loss of a child, but I was thrilled when I heard that the Gyorffy's were once again opening their hearts to adoption.  For the past several months they have been working towards bringing home a girl and boy from Uganda.  If all goes well they will travel in February to bring them home.

This week the Gyorffy Family is being featured on the fundraising website "Give One Save One".  This organization encourages us to give just one dollar.  If everyone gives just one, the results can be amazing.  Of course, you're always welcome to give more than one!  If you visit the site this week you can see a lovely video the Gyorffy's have made about their adoption journey.

Our family was featured as a "Give One Save One" family just before we traveled to bring home Kat and Louise.  I can't tell you what a blessing that week was.  Not just the money that was raised, which of course, filled a huge need, but the overwhelming support from strangers all over the country.  Knowing that so many people wanted our girls home as much as we did was extraordinary.

So today I want to ask you give to the Gyorffy's.  And then I want you to ask lots of other people that you know through your blogs and Face Book pages to give as well.  Let's create a great big snow ball of support, in the middle of this crazy weather we are having, for this AMAZING family!  To sweeten the deal I am giving away a $50 More Love Mama shop credit to one lucky winner.  Take a look at the contest below and grab your chances to win.  You can get up to 10 chances to win (or even more if you come back each day this week), by donating, posting on Face Book, visiting the More Love Mama shop, etc.

Just a dollar and a few minutes re-posting is all it takes.  And be sure to visit the Gyorffy blog, too.  They are doing a giveaway for a Kindle Fire HD.  That is so cool.  So go on over there and win that, too!

This family is so full of love.  Let's share a little More Love with them this week.  Just one dollar builds a family, brings home two children to their forever family, and makes more of a difference than you can imagine. Just one!

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