Sunday, May 11, 2014

How I Became a Mother

First I got married.

Then I said "No, I don't want any children!" I kept saying this for about 16 years.

Then I said "Ok, if you really think we should."

Then I filled out a TON of paperwork.

Then I waited for 2 years.  And cried a lot.

Then I got a picture...and fell madly in love.

Then I flew to China, had a few panic attacks, and fell in love some more.

Then I came home and a year later started filling out more paperwork.

Then I got another picture.  This one sort of scared me.

Then Brian went to Congo and brought back a teeny, tiny perfect little boy.

Then I started filling out more paperwork.  Twice as much.

Then Brian and I went to Congo together and brought home 2 more beautiful boys.

Then my family grew into more than just six.  It grew into a whole village of amazing families.

Then my heart kept tugging me back to Congo.

Then I filled out more paperwork.

Then I waited and loved and lost and waited.

Then eventually Brian and I went back to Congo.

Then we brought home these two amazing angel girls.

Two years ago today, on Mother's Day 2012, we arrived home with our arms full and family complete.

And that is how I become a mother.


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