Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 30th....I Mean 3rd Birthday, Louise!

My darling Louise officially turned 3 years old over the weekend.  But if you've met Louise in person you know that she is an old soul sort of girl.  At times, closer to 30 or 40 or 60 than 3.

Louise just keeps getting funnier, and prettier, and more stubborn by the minute.  These days she is very partial to frilly dresses, boots, and her new scooter.  

Louise Josephine's referral picture
Her favorite pastime is wrestling her unsuspecting brothers into submission and changing clothes 52 times a day.  She also loves to swim and dance.  But her very, very favorite thing is swinging on the swing set in our backyard.

Louise has an intensity about her that you don't find in many people.  She plays hard, fights hard, loves hard. You will always want Louise as your friend because she will love your fiercely, but you won't want her as an enemy!  Louise probably had the hardest start of all of our kids and she came to us the latest.  She was already a year old, already walking and already babbling in Lingala when we first met.  But Louise has a spirit, a spark that just lights up my heart.  I know she's my kid so I might be a bit partial and believe me, living with Louise is not all sunshine and roses, but oh this girl......

I love you so Mama Fifi, little LuLu, my sweet angel Louise.

Funny side note: a few nights ago as I was tucking her into bed I said to her, "Goodnight Angel" and she said, " I no Angel, I Louise"!  Oh yes you are!!!

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