Saturday, June 21, 2014

Love Letters--I'll Be Her BFF As Long As She'll Let Me

When Grace was 5 years old we went through a hard patch in our relationship.  She got mad at me a lot. She told me she hated me a lot.  She dropped the big bomb on occasion,"I wish I had a different family!" She even ran away from home once, but thankfully she only made it next door before tears and fear overcame her.

I cried a lot and doubted my parenting and her attachment and then one day.....she loved me again.

Yep, the pendulum has swung all the way the other direction. Lately it has been a regular love fest around here.  I don't really know what changed other than the fact that she got older and a lot less emotional.  She is much happier, calmer, and so grown up all of a sudden. Grace seeks me out for extra hugs and kisses.  Not in that clingy/insecure way, but because she genuinely wants extra love from me.  She's been singing and dancing and joyful in a whole new way.  And one of my favorite side effects of all the love--adorable little love letters.

She sneaks them onto my desk, slides them under my keyboard.  Tapes them onto my screen.  I decided I had better document these little tokens of love before they get lost in the clutter.  Or before her mood changes and she loves me a little less.  Or she becomes a teenager.

I'll be her BFF as long as she'll let me.

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