Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Not An Adventure Until Someone Wets Their Pants

Yesterday, as a special summer vacation treat, we took the kids to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory for a tour. As tours go, it's not terribly exciting, but of course, the pay off is a free scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream at the end.  Before the tour began I took every kid to the bathroom.  Except one.  One particular boy who refused to go potty.  I will not mention which boy because later in life he may read this blog and I don't want him to be permanently scarred because I told the world this story. 

So anyway, the kids were awesome during the tour.  It was about 45 minutes long down lots of winding hallways with windows looking down on lots of machinery.  They all stayed quiet, held hands, didn't run down the hallway. It was sort of amazing.

 Then we arrived at the ice cream parlor and they all waited patiently for their scoop of ice cream.  We found a table in the VERY crowded room full of other tour goers and settled in to enjoy our dessert.  

Then suddenly this one particular boy jumped up and said he had to go potty.  Except, clearly he had already gotten a head start on the event.  The big, round telltale marks on the front and back of his drawers. I rushed him to the restroom and he did have to go, but we did not have a change of clothes handy.  
Foolish foolish Mama!

I took him back to the table, hoping no one else would notice wet pants and quickly put him back in front of his ice cream dish.  Trips to potty are contagious of course, so as soon as I sat him down two more kids wanted to go.

So back to the potty and then back to our seats.  And by now everyone else is almost finished and my ice cream is a big bowl of melted mess.  Brian takes a couple of the kids to the car, so that Wet Boy can get changed. And we won't be any more embarrassed by his increasing aroma.  I shovel a few more bites in my mouth and hustle the rest of our pack to the van.

And that was that!  A boring tour, a rushed bowl of ice cream, and another pair of peed in pants.  Just another day with the Wood Family.  But remember, it's not an adventure until someone wets their pants!
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