Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"I'm Getting Bigger and Bigger and Bigger...."

July is birthday month for our sweet JoJo.  And he grabbed that birthday and shook the life out of it. The days leading up to his birthday he had better behavior than any other time in his whole life.  No, I am not exaggerating.  If I could find a way to finagle it, I would give JoJo a birthday once a week!

To say that JoJo is a Spider Man enthusiast is obviously a small understatement.  So he was beyond thrilled with his Spidey cake and lots of Spider Man themed gifts.  Grandma even came through with one of those super cool pair of Spiderman gloves that make the super annoying web-shooting noise that makes Mama want to stick a fork in her ear.  But my oh my, do they make JoJo happy!

Because we are a large family on a small budget, we stick to family only parties for the most part.  So if you weren't invited to the JoJo shindig, don't be offended.  No one else was either. Except a few choice brothers and sisters! And one special super hero.

The next morning JoJo decked himself out in every last piece of Spider gear he could.  I think he might even be wearing Spider Man underpants!

Once he was in the proper attire he went on to teach all his siblings all the right moves and facial expressions for professional web shooting.

JoJo just got back from his well kiddo doctor visit and he is well! And he got no shots, so it was a really good visit.  He is in the 38th percentile for height and the 83rd percentile for weight.  This might sound like short and fat, but he is actually short and all muscle!    He apparently has a body made for scaling walls!  So this Spider Man fascination is all starting to make sense.

Happy Birthday Peanut!  We love you so and look forward to an amazing year five.

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