Monday, October 5, 2009

Mugshot Monday

Get me out of this stroller!!!!

That smile melts my heart!

Good Evening All,

Well, my blog hit a milestone over the weekend. We passed 1000 hits. And that is not 1000 all times hits, that is only since I added a counter a few weeks ago. So thanks to all of you who are out their reading our stories. But who the heck are all you people? Just since yesterday I have have had over 50 hits!!! That is fabulous!!! If you are not member of our group of "followers" in the right column, then join us. Or drop us the occasional comment so we know who is out there!

I have been sick as a dog all weekend! Maybe the flu, but not absolutely sure. Fever, cough, terrible body and joint aches! Blachhhh! I was even too sick to enjoy the internet! And I still feel pretty puny, so tonight will be short and short on pics. But later this week is Haven's birthday so I will post a big 1 year old update.

If you haven't been to the Our Family Adoptions website lately, go take a gander at the new look compliments of my talented sister, Connie. She has a web design business on the side of all the other things she does on the side! And if you watch the PSA on the right column of the website, that is Connie's original music and her singing you will hear. By the way, all the links in this paragraph will take you to different websites.

Have a wonderful evening!
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