Monday, November 23, 2009

Mugshot Monday--This and That

Does she look full of the nick or what???

Haven is a real trendsetter! Already starting to accessorize!

Now what is she up to???
Well, my weekend trip went off without a hitch, but I sure did miss my little sweet potatoes (and Daddy, too)! My students had a very sucessful weekend in their competitions. We had two students recieve superior ratings in acting and stage management (part of technical theatre) which qualifies them for Nationals. We placed in 3 other technical theatre contests and one of our seniors won a technical theatre cash scholarship. Always good to come home with some money!
Even though I was gone for just a weekend, it seemed like Grace was talking more clearly and in longer sentences. Probably just my imagination, but it just makes you ache to think about missing any milestones with your kids, especially when you missed the first few months of their lives to start with.
We are spending Thanksgiving with Grandma Ione, Grandpa Chuck, Aunt Cathy, and Uncle Craig. They haven't seen Haven since he started walking (and climbing, climbing, climbing) so it will be a real treat. We have our Tofurky ready to take along (Brian has come back to the vegetarian side) and I can't wait for piles and piles of mashed potatoes.
There are some new pictures of Cloee over at Lauree's blog. She is just gorgeous! Cami wrote a beautiful post about adoption with pictures of all four new babies on her blog. And if you haven't already, add the Our Family Adoptions website to your favorites list. Brian is doing news updates on the website from time to time and there will probably be several stories in the coming weeks about the new babies that have come home.
Below is a little video clip of me and Grace making cookies. She really likes to help with the cooking and mostly manages to keep everything in the bowl. The cookies turned out really, really good. Unfortunately, this was the day I got my stomach virus. I may never eat another oatmeal cookie in my life!

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