Monday, January 25, 2010

Mugshot Monday

First of all, if you haven't checked out Megan's raffle please click here.  Paypal says that she has to end it early because it is like online gambling or something like that, and since she is not a casino, she has to pull the plug in just 2 days.  So please go support the children of DRC and Haiti, and "gamble" on a chance to win a free week at a condo in Florida.

So now on to the children.  Grace and Haven had a whole weekend of utter sweetness.  They played together like best friends.  I know we won't always have this between them, but when we do it is just magical.  At one point, Grace came up and gave me a big hug, which, of course, Haven imitated immediately (he does EVERYTHING that big sis does, including cry on cue).  So Grace came racing back for another hug and said "Two babies, Mommy, you have two babies".  What a lovely thing!

A friend asked recently if we were raising the kids as vegetarians.  They don't eat meat, but I haven't really done anything special to "indoctrinate" them to my veg world.  I've really never mentioned it all.  We just don't eat meat.  But apparently, Grace has the heart of a true vegetarian.  We had faux "duck" for dinner on Friday night.  I'm pretty sure it tastes nothing like actual duck.  From what I remember of eating duck, probably 20 or so years ago, it was very greasy and gamey.  Like chicken gone bad.  But faux duck is one of my favorites at the vegetarian Chinese restaurant we like in Chinatown.  Well, Grace heard Brian say something about duck for dinner and she a got rather appalled look on her face and said "Grace not eat duck, Mommy!  Grace not eat duck!"  She is one big animal lover!

After dinner, Haven helped with the dishes.  It was only fair, since he made such of a mess of his rice pudding!!!  And let me tell you, rice pudding does not slide easily out of that afro!  Have a fabulous week! Go enter that raffle!!

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