Monday, February 1, 2010

Mugshot Monday--check the links

Tonight I have a few other places you need to visit:

First off, that really cool blogger Megan is holding another giveaway.  She is giving away a Melissa and Doug toy, that I know Grace would knock Haven down trying to get her hands on.  Megan is also giving away coffee to support the fundraiser of another blogging friend, Debbie, who is just 1 month from bringing home a darling little girl from Ethiopia.  All you have to do to enter both giveaways is leave a comment on Megan's blog, easy as pie!

Next, an update on a situation in DRC.  Lisa Shannon, the founder of Run for Congo Women is in DRC at moment kind of stuck in the middle of a possible incident with the LRA.  Scary stuff.  If you log on to her blog it has a summary of the events from over the weekend as well as her twitter feeds as they come in.  This woman is in a potentially very dangerous situation so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Finally, I discovered this amazing music video and I must insist that all of you listen to it.  It is a Congolese artist named Emma Katya along with a group called Maisha Soul.  It was filmed in Goma (where Haven was born).  The images are gritty and the music is just beautiful.  Take a listen please!

And now for those cute kid pics.  Lately, Grace and Haven have absolutely been two peas in a pod.  They are playing non-stop when they are awake.

Grace got her hands on the camera again.  And caught Haven by surprise.

Grace pranced up to me one day and said "Mommy, I'm Peter Pan.  I didn't really understand the scarf, but the wooden spoon is definitely her sword.  "Take that, Captain Hook!"
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