Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When Life Gets In The Way of Good Blogging

Yes, I know it has been way too long since my last post.  I've sat down a half dozen times in the last week and tried to start an entry.  I've had some great ideas swirling around in my head about topics I should write about.  And then life gets in the way.

Some of the interruptions have been wonderful.  Like taking lots of t-shirt orders!  As of tonight we've sold 30 shirts.  WHOOOHOOO!  I have been just overwhelmed by the generosity of all those people helping to bring home Baby K and Baby L.  Keep those orders coming! 

We have also solds several of the beautiful handpainted African art cards and key chains.  But the biggest sale has been the TEN (did you catch that, 10) custom Congolese blanket orders.  I was a sewing maniac this week, up until midnight and sewing in the dark, except for the light of my machine, so I wouldn't wake anyone up. For all of you waiting I hope to start getting those in the mail to you by Monday.

By the way, I'm adding some products to our store this week.  Brandi Pierce, another Congo Mama, has donated some adorable handmade hair bows to our fundraising efforts.  Grace agreed to model them for you and we'll be adding lots more colors and styles onto the store site in a day or two.  I will also be selling some children's t-shirts with Africa appliques made from Congolese fabric.  I made my first two today and they turned out great.  And I will be adding a few t-shirt dresses for your princesses.  Grace loves hers.  Its comfy and girly at the same time.  And if you know Grace you know she is all GIRL!

Another major interruption to my blogging are those darn kids.  We have so many of them and they are always wanting to play or cuddle or eat or be cleaned up!  Sheesh!!!  Who thought spaghetti was a good idea?

But when they're that cute, you gotta just stop, drop, and play.  So we do.  Now that the weather has cooled a bit we are spending most evenings after dinner riding our bikes in the driveway, rolling pumpkins down the driveway, and picking Manny up after he rolls down the driveway (he still hasn't completely mastered walking)!  So what would you do:  blog or play?  Its a no-brainer.

Some of the less terrific things keeping me from my blog are:
  • some longer hours at work (which just got cut back again this week, so I can't use that as an excuse next week).
  • household chores like washing/hanging/sorting diapers (there always seems to be a basket on our coffee table).

  • paying this months bills (I thought online bill paying was supposed to make things faster and easier--it still takes me hours)
  • loading and unloading and loading the minivan with donations for our garage sale (wonderful that we are getting the donations, thank you all, but still not as fun as blogging).
  • fatigue (Manny still isn't sleeping well and it is starting to build up on all of of us).
  • That feeling that the day just isn't long enough (if only I could survive on 4 hours sleep a night like my dear friend Scotty).
Well, here it is again, past my bedtime.  Tonight surely was not my most inspired blog.  I can see as I look back over it that I have probably broken the record for most parentheses in one post.  But I squeezed it in.  And just to make the ending a little sweeter, a couple of video clips of two of my favorite blogging interrupters!

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