Thursday, October 27, 2011

Up...and then down

Adoption is often compared to a ride on a roller coaster.  We've taken 3 very different rides.

Grace was like one of those old fashioned super tall coaster where it takes you FOREVER to get to the top, then you slide down real fast and its all over.

Haven was one of those crazy fast corkscrew rides.

Manny and JoJo seemed like a pretty leisurely ride until the end when it got bumpy and made me scream "let me off of here"!

Our current adoption has just thrown me for loop.  Not a good loop.  A loop that has left my stomach lurching and tears streaming down my face.  Stop. This. Ride.

We found out a few days ago that we are not going to be able to adopt the twins.  A relative showed up and wants them back.  And so they must go.  Of course, they must go.  It is the right thing.  If any child has the opportunity to live with their birth family then of course they should.

But it still hurts so much I can't really put it into words.  This is the second referral we have lost this time around.  The first one never got moved out of the orphanage so I was disappointed, but it wasn't totally unexpected.  But the twins have been in foster care for over a month.  The official investigation to determine that they were eligible for adoption had already been completed.  We were in the clear.  We gave them names, we bought them dresses.  I let myself love them. 

If you're someone that prays, please pray for my twin girls.  Please pray that whoever came to take them away really does love them and really can take care of them.  Please pray that they don't end up back in the orphanage (yes, that does sometimes happen).  Please pray that they can bounce back from the confusion that all this moving around has got to be causing in their little heads. 

As for the Wood's, we are plugging along.  Staying the course.  God put us on this journey for a reason.  There are two little people who will be a part of our family at some point.  Our first referral got us to put our feet back on the path.  The twins got us moving very quickly on our paperwork and fundraising.  So maybe all three of those little girls were just God's way of making sure we are ready when the right children come along.  We don't know, it doesn't make sense, we can only pray.
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