Friday, November 4, 2011

National Adoption Month and National Blog Posting Month

So the roller coaster ride threw me for a loop, but I gotta get back on track.  I gotta focus my brain and my energy.  And blogging has always been a great outlet for that.  So here goes:

It is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I have set a goal to blog every day of November from here on out.

Whooo!  I said it out loud.  Scary.  Now I have to do it.  So hold me to it.  Don't let me off the hook.  Don't let me make excuses.  I must something everyday.

Now I am not going to guarantee that these will be my most inspiring posts.  But there will be a lot of them. Luckily I am starting this experiment in a month that BlogHer is providing writing prompts.  Just like the TAKS test. 

If you are an observant reader you may have noticed that I am supposed to blog everyday in November.  But it is already November 4.  Well, Friday is always a good day to start a new project at my house.  I am going to get caught up right now.

Nov 1--What is your favorite part about writing?--Well, I think I'm kinda funny, and I love writing funny things.  I know that sounds snotty.  But even if none of you out there are laughing, sometimes I am cracking myself up.

Nov 2--If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?--If I knew I was about to eat my last meal, I don't think I'd be to concerned about what I was eating.  But whatever my last meal is, I hope it happens at a time in my life where all the people at my table are sitting in big kid chairs, are not wearing bibs, and can hold their own utensils.  I would also enjoy a meal that did not involve sippy cups.  Probably Chinese food.

Nov 3--Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?--No I can not listen to music.  Even though I started college as a music major, I would say that at this point in my life I am not really even a music lover.  Isn't that weird?  Today I heard several songs from the musical Seussical.  We are producing this at school.  The last song I heard today was "These Are The Pets I Love" from Baby Signing Times.  It is stuck in my brain like a fork!

Nov 4--When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?--I just finished the 6th draft of a play that I am producing in the spring.  I wrote the outline for it in pen, but all the other work was done on computer.  I like to make lists on paper.  Creative writing has to start on paper, but my blog goes straight from my brain to you.

So all caught up!

A more important topic that I'd like to mention tonight is National Adoption Month and this weekend is Orphan Sunday.  I hope that many of you attend churches that are celebrating/recognizing this event that is very near and dear to my heart.  I am thrilled to report that we have finally found a church that is participating and I might get to share our adoption story on Sunday.  There is nothing I like better than talking about my super amazing kiddos.  You might have noticed.

So below are links to 3 Orphan Sunday videos.  Watch them.  Share them.  Think about what you can do.  You don't have to adopt, but you can still have a huge impact in the life of a child by giving to a orphan care ministry like OFA, supporting a family in the adoption process, and spreading the word about the global orphan crisis.  Find a way the share MORE LOVE!

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