Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer So Far

As a teacher, my world revolves around the school year calendar and today I am one month from the first day of school or at about the halfway point of summer.  From here on out I start to get very blue.  Each day that passes means I am one day closer to leaving my kids at home everyday instead of hanging out in our pajamas and swimming suits together all day.  But on the bright side, next week we are leaving for our giant cross country reunion tour to Indiana and Colorado for our Our Family in Africa Reunion and our China Sisters Reunion.  I. Am. So. EXCITED!!!!

I decided before summer completely flew by that I had better get some pictures downloaded and some memories recorded (before my old tired brain completely forgot what I was supposed to remember).  So below you will find the highlights of our summer vacation, so far.  Many more memory making moments are coming next week!

At the very start of summer Grace had graduation from preschool.  Grace is the little graduate in pink.  During the ceremony they asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Grace was asked first and she quickly said "Doctor"!  WhoooHOOO! These old parents are going to need a doctor to take care of them in their golden years.  Thankfully she did not say ballerina, fireman, or rock star, like some of her classmates.

Pomp and circumstance, even at age five.


JoJo thought the whole thing was a bore!

Our future pediatrician.

We thought we had a case of rabies in the house one morning.  Turns out foaming at the mouth and erratic behavior is common in 2 and 3 year olds.

Our church held baby dedications in June.  We dressed up the girls (which obviously wore us out because Brian and I look like we are going to go clean the house) and joined in the celebration.  Louise spent most of the service trying to escape, but Kat took it all in stride.  By the way, right after the girls came home someone sent us those adorable little crocheted hats.  In fact they sent us one in every color of the rainbow.  But there was no note in the box.  So if you sent the hats we loved them, but we didn't know who to thank.  Unfortunately, our girls have rather large noggins these days and we can't squeeze them on anymore.  But I know a family that is bringing home a teeny tiny little girl in just a few months so we will be passing them on to another sweet Congolese head!

Summer has been pretty hard on our house.  We've broken a few things, made a few messes, done a little laundry and worn a few thousand diapers.

But we have plenty of time to relax, too.  We've taken lots of naps, jumped our pants off on the trampoline, and cooled off with plenty of swimming and freezee pops.

Our summer so far has been dramatic and stressful and fun and relaxing and a whole bunch of love all rolled into one.  Let's hope the next month does not include any of the drama and crawls by like a slow rainy day.

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