Thursday, August 9, 2012

Need Advice for Big Decision: Homeschool or Public School

Hello Friends,

When I made my last post we were about to drive away on our whirlwind tour of the U.S. and I had fully intended to blog along the way.  But I could never seem to find the time at the end of each day or a decent Internet connection to make it happen.  So I will be filling you in on our amazing trip and posting lots of fabulous pictures in the next few days. 

However for tonight we have a dilemma that we need advice about.  I've probably talked to some of you out there individually about what you think on this issue, but Brian and I still just can't decide:  should Grace attend public school this semester as she starts kindergarten or should we home school her?  We have weighed many pros and cons and we've read and discussed, but we just can't determine which decision is best for Grace and best for our family.  There are many reasons why we are considering homeschooling (too many to discuss tonight), but also many reasons that public school might be more practical or beneficial.

We have asked Grace what she wants and as of today she says she wants to "go to school at home".  She says she is shy and doesn't want to go to school with lots of other kids.  I'm sure we could convince her to go to public school if we decide its the best choice (probably by just mentioning rides on the school bus), but as of right now she votes home school.

By the way, private school is financially not an option and public school starts in 2 weeks.  Registration starts Monday.  So we have to pee or get off the pot.

So do you have any advice one way or the other?  Feel free to leave your comments here or on my Facebook link.  We are really torn and it feels like a huge decision to make without all the wisdom we can glean from any source.
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