Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bidding on Their Future

If you're friends with me on Facebook you have probably already caught wind of this wonderful event!

This is going to be one super spectacular online auction.  We have 225 items up for bid.  Things for kids, things for your home, things just for fun.  Gift cards, photoshoots, jewelry!

TWO amazing vacation packages. 

Art, music, movies, clothes!  OMGood Golly there is some fabulous stuff.  Several items that have on my Christmas wish list!

I donated a couple of Congolese Christmas Stockings from my More Love Mama shop (if you don't win the bids on those there will be more in my shop starting next week) a ladies Africa applique shirt and some More Love t-shirts.  Several of my friends also donated some amazing items.  Thanks so much to all who have donated. 

All items will be auctioned online from November 2nd to November 7th, 2012, to coincide with Orphan Sunday on November 4th. The bidding will begin at 10 am Pacific Standard time on Nov. 2 and end at 10 pm Pacific Standard time on Nov. 7.  Shipping costs are included in your winning bid so there will be no additional charge.  All proceeds will benefit the Salisa Bana project with Hope for the Children Orphanage, located in a village outside of Kinshasa.  

So come and do your early Christmas shopping.  Every dollar spent will be an investment in the future of a child who doesn't have the luxury of Christmas.  Or a family.  Join the fun and make a difference!

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