Monday, October 29, 2012

Mugshot Monday--Pumpkin Pies

I do not love Halloween.  I guess majoring in Theatre ruined it for me.  I never wanted to get into costume and make-up unless it was part of the job.  I also am not a big fan of creepy, scary, horror stuff.  And don't get me started on the whole freaky adult costume trend.  I was going to write a whole blog post about how Halloween had pretty much turned into a holiday for hussies.  The first thing that comes up on any costume search on the Internet are pics of women dressed in trampy outfits.  We are currently working on The Wizard of Oz at school and when I tried to buy costumes for the show I was overwhelmed with "Sexy Dorothy", "Sexy Scarecrow" and "Sexy Lioness" costumes.  Ick.  Sexy Dorothy.  That's just wrong.  But I digress. 

Last year Halloween was ruined for Grace and Haven by the idiot parents who let their too old to be trick or treating kids run around my neighborhood in "Scream" masks.  This year as soon as the Halloween decorations starting coming out in the stores Grace decided she was not going trick or treating ever again.  Bummer :)

In spite of my bad vibes for Halloween, I do love pumpkins.  I love pumpkin pies, pumpkin seeds, the color orange.  I love the way it is supposed to feel crisp and cool outside when the pumpkins start lining porches (I say supposed to because today it reached 80+degrees again).  And I love how excited my kids get about pumpkins.  So today we took a walk over to a local churches pumpkin patch.  In spite of the fact that we are all wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts, it felt a little bit like fall. 

But by the time we got down wrangling our pumpkin pies into some pictures I was sweating like it was summertime.  I wonder, will I ever get all 6 of my kids in same shot, all looking the same direction?

Grace was sneaking up on this pumpkin like it might try to escape.

This is stupid.

Baby trap.

Stop looking at me or I'm going to punch you with this pumpkin.

Look up here at me.

As soon as you get one up, one crawls down.

Turn around and smile at your mother!

All of you turn around!!!

Haven, if you throw any more hay on me I'm gonna toss you off!

Very funny Louise.  I said turn around!!!
I have a feeling Louise is going to ruin a lot of family photos

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