Friday, May 8, 2015

Camping Party of 29--Fort Parker State Park

This past weekend we coordinated a crazy 5 family camping trip. This time we stayed at Fort Parker State Park.  We camped for 3 days with friends from church, friends from the neighborhood, the Solbergs (of course), and a super special surprise family, the Apgars.  The Solbergs and the Apgars are the two families that we traveled with to China when we brought home our girls : Sydney, Jenna and Grace.  At best we are all together once a year, so this was a special treat for all of us.  Those of you who have adopted know that the bonds you make on an adoption trip can be unique and long lasting.

First major injury of the trip!

Fort Parker State park is a tiny campground on a big muddy fishing lake.  We had the greatest location in the campground.  A cul du sac with 5 campsites, right next to the lake, under a huge canopy of trees.  The nights were cool, the days were shady.  The weekend was amazing!

Altogether, we had 29 campers on our trip.  Nineteen of them were kids!

We hiked, rode bikes, kayaked, and toasted marshmallows.  Camping heaven!

We held hands with old friends.

We gave hugs to new ones!

We laughed and picked flowers and walked quietly in the woods!

What a great big beautiful family photo!!!

What's that?  It's time to roast more marshmallows???

Super Haven was ready for action!

Manny and JoJo did some bird watching.

Louise stared at the wall instead.

We explored all kinds of nature.

And we took a few naps!

There's nothing like sleeping in a nice cool tent!

My very favorite piece of camping equipment.

As we were driving away JoJo was already asking "Can we go camping again? Can we get a trailer?" I wish I could figure out how to get JoJo a trailer for his birthday in July.  He'd be the happiest boy on the planet!!!  

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