Friday, June 12, 2015

The End of Year Wood Academy Awards

Summer is well underway, but when you are a homeschooling family school doesn't really end, it just gets squeezed in between trips out to the pool.  Sometimes school is done in our jammies, sometimes in our bathing suits.

But I didn't want my kids to miss out on that all important public school ritual: the end of year awards!  So, without further ado, here are the winners of the

Wood Academy Awards!!!!!!!

Best Dressed--Louise Wood
Nobody puts a look together like Louise.  And probably,nobody should!  But seriously, this girl changes clothes at least three times a day and we are always surprised by her latest combinations!

Super Helper--Haven Wood
Our sweet Haven is such a hard worker.  He and Grace both have daily chores that they are responsible for.  Haven is in charge of unloading and loading the dishwasher.  Grace has laundry duty. They also both have to put away the boys and girls clothes. Haven did such a good job on his chores and saving up his allowance during the spring that he was able to buy himself a tablet.

Most Creative--JoJo Wood
JoJo is never bored because he is always coming up with very destructive creative ways to keep himself occupied.  He is BUSY with a capital B!  His current loves are lawn equipment, hand tools, and cooking!  He has mastered the microwave and he could probably make us all dinner if he was tall enough to use the gas stove!

Fantastic Fish Award--Katriel Wood
Our sweet Kit Kat finally took the dive and is a swimmer!  She was hesitant to let go of her water wings, but she threw them aside last week and she is taking to the water like a fish!  An adorably well dressed fish!

Mr. Muscles--Manny Wood
This kid is tough.  And rough.  And so crazy strong it sort of shocks you sometimes.  All my kids are tough, but my little Boo Bear is on track to be one big, strong dude! Right now he is all about superheros. Watch out Captain America, here comes Manny!

Mine Craft Master--Grace Wood
Grace is totally, completely, irrevocably addicted to Mine Craft. And she's really good at it.  She's even got all her siblings hooked. So rather than fight it, we have joined the cause.  Part of her school day is learning to code (Java for kids) by creating "mods" for Mine Craft. And if you don't know what that means, there is no way I can explain it to you.  But I think it's pretty cool!

So congratulations to all the Wood Academy award winners.  Tune in again next year for more surprises and ridiculous categories!  Happy summer vacation!
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